Our Story

The Israeli foodtech community is a group of foodtech entrepreneurs, businesspeople, investors, industry players, researchers, regulators, non-profit professionals and other related professionals, all working to increase the employment, know-how and deal flow in the sector in Israel.

Each stakeholder plays an important role in our endeavor as we work to bring all the stakeholders together to create opportunities and produce results for the foodtech sector; i.e. a young startup looking for labs to work in and develop its product will use the network we are building to get adequate access to such facilities.

Furthermore, we encourage our partners in the community to surface different challenges they think should be addressed, and we develop a working plan to do exactly that; i.e. different startups and non-profit organizations have expressed a need to reform regulations on innovative foods, on the other side of the same coin, relevant government officials have asked to examine if current regulations are adequate for the current foodtech sector. As a result of the needs of these community members, we have created a forum of professionals to advance this topic.

Moreover, we are working to expose the community members as well as the general public to the advancements and opportunities in foodtech; as such, we hold meetups and conferences, we create attractive media items and work with the community members to direct their product towards the specific audience they are addressing. We also publish a monthly newsletter which examines unique and recent developments and events in foodtech.

Finally, Foodtech Israel bases its work on the belief that the foodtech revolution will come out of Israel’s Upper Galilee, which is considered one of the most beautiful regions in Israel. Over 150,000 citizens create the fabric of this green piece of land. There, the Israeli agriculture and food industries have deep, centuries-old roots. Moreover, excellent research institutions and academic programs, such as the Tel-Hai Academic College, the Migal R&D center and the Safed Medical faculty advance the know-how and academia of the Upper Galilee. Many Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the food and agricultural sectors are found in the region and are based on vast experience and professional research. For these reasons, and more, we believe foodtech will grow from this region.

Our Story